Fiduciary Services

For someone who struggles to make sound financial, personal or health care decisions due to diminished mental or physical capacity, and whose family cannot manage the responsibility, the answer may be a certified California Licensed Professional Fiduciary from Urban Fiduciaries, an advocate able to make quality of life decisions, and able to provide the support necessary to improve life and well-being. We assess the need for critical services such as daily care, housing and medical needs, and provide financial management for seniors, disabled persons, and children, ensuring their needs are met.


We serve by private agreement or court appointment. Privately retained fiduciaries serve as money managers, assisting with banking and bill payments, or as trustees, executors, powers of attorney for business and health care. Court appointed fiduciaries serve as conservators, administrators, trustees or guardians.

Fields of Expertise:

Trust Administration

Charitable Trust Administration

Special Needs Trust Administration

Estate Administration (Probate)



Conservator of Estate

Conservator of Person

Power of Attorney

Daily Money Management

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